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ImageStream Linux Version 4.4.1-30 is now available as a general availability (GA)
release for all ImageStream routers.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream customers.
Version 4.4.1-30 is a is a maintenance release that is recommended for all customers
who wish to utilize the latest software enhancements for their ImageStream router.

This release note documents commands and features added between version 4.4.0
and version 4.4.1-30.


Router Minimum Requirements:

The 4.4.1 distribution requires a minimum of 128 MB RAM and a 128 MB flash drive.


KNOWN BUGS/Missing functionality:

PPPoA support is non-functional. The 4.4.1 release currently has no PPPoA support as the
pppoany module has not been ported from 2.4 to 2.6.


The following bugs have been fixed in Version 4.4.1:

BGP crash bug

Version 4.4.0-30 fixes a problem related to a certain BGP announcement which causes
bgpd to segfault and restart.


New Features in Version 4.4.1

4.4.1 Adds features such as 3G support, PHP, Perl, Gigawords support for RADIUS, dhcp server
lease listing, GRE tunnel keepalives and more.


Detailed revision history:

revision 30
    date: 2013/05/07
    Add Quagga to solve BGPD crash issues.

revision 29
    date: 2013/04/30
    Add AHCI SATA support.

revision 28
    date: 2013/04/01
    Add 3G connection manager.

revision 27
    date: 2013/03/07
    PPP: Add RADIUS Gigawords support. Modify bandwidth controls to run async to
    avoid a race causing disconnected sessions that don't exit properly.
    Inetics: Add metric command to "ip address dhcp" to allow setting metrics on
    dhcp assigned default gateways.
    3G: Accept the default gateway and nameservers again by default. Set dhcp metric
    if backup link.
    Udhcpc: Modify dhcp client scripts to allow multiple nameservers from different
    links. Use Quagga for adding default route by default, fallback on old-style method.
    This fixes a bug with all default routes going away when mixing a default with no
    metric and a default with a metric.

revision 26
    date: 2013/03/05
    Add sysObjectID support to snmp.

revision 25
    date: 2013/03/01
    Add missing netmask utility so dhcp client code to determine gateways will
    function properly. This solves a problem with 3G backup links losing the
    default route.

revision 24
    date: 2013/01/04
    Envoy 3G: Add more statistics to 3G status and SNMP. Add Colombian providers.
    Add ability to force 2G/3G.

revision 23
    date: 2012/12/06
    Add GRE keepalive support.
    New option for Tunnel:
    tunnel keepalive [[interval] [retries]]
    Interval is in seconds.
    Default interval is 10 seconds, retries 3.

revision 22
    date: 2012/10/23
    Add minicom.
    Add ttyUSBN device files for 3G modem.

revision 21
    date: 2012/10/02
    3G MIB/SNMP: Fix a boot time problem with paths for addon packages which caused snmp to
    fail when retrieving the 3G MIB.

revision 20
    date: 2012/09/24
    Remove rconf (deprecated).

revision 19
    date: 2012/09/07
    Sangoma: Add CSU statistics support. Fix E1 timeslot one-off mapping problem
    where Sangoma used 1-24 for T1 and 0-31 for E1. We use 1-24 and 1-32. Also
    do not allow use of timeslot 1 for E1 even in unframed mode as Sangoma errors
    out when the first timeslot is specified.

revision 18
    date: 2012/08/29
    Inetics: Fix probe for Sangoma single port T1 cards not detecting properly
    with latest hardware build.

revision 17
    date: 2012/08/13
    Add support for new Intel GigE card.

revision 16
    date: 2012/08/09
    Sangoma SSI: Fix hardware status bug in Wanpipe. Hardware status was always down previously.

revision 15
    date: 2012/07/15
    Configmgr: Add support for tunnel names instead of just IPs.

revision 14
    date: 2012/07/09
    Sangoma T1/E1: Fix reverse logic problem with clocking - internal was external
    and external was internal.

revision 13
    date: 2012/07/04
    Add tunnel monitoring support.

revision 12
    date: 2012/07/03
    DHCP server: Add status menu to show pool allocation status and individual
    Perl: Package setup needs symlinks to function properly.
    Update: Automatically update addons, install Perl for new DHCP status.

revision 11
    date: 2012/07/02
    OpenVPN: Add --iface option to allow local binding to an interface. This option
    is required to force the Tunnel to operate on a specific interface.

revision 10
    date: 2012/06/25 11:59:03;  author: syoder;  state: Exp;  lines: +1 -1
    AFT 104: Add support for Quad SSI, and Dual T1 boards. Minor bugfix for
    sleep mode in threads causing high load average due to uninterruptible

revision 9
    date: 2012/06/19
    ISIS 520: Fix module load issue under 4.4.

revision 8
    date: 2012/06/15
    Add remove_routes patch from 4.2 which marks routes via down interface as
    dead and will pick another path if available.

revision 7
    date: 2012/06/11
    Add 3G SNMP MIB.
    Add updated Quagga which fixes the IPv6 BGP peering bug.

revision 6
    date: 2012/06/05
    Update e2fsck for ext3.

revision 5
    date: 2012/05/17
    Move wanpipe into additional packages to avoid out of space ramdisk error.

revision 4
    date: 2012/05/15
    Add DNS Proxy support via the 'ip dns-server' command.

revision 3
    date: 2012/05/09
    Fix Sangoma SSI bugs and missing /etc/wanpipe/wanrouter.rc bug.

revision 2
    date: 2012/03/15
    Add monitor user package.
    Fix permissions on /var and /var/log from net_troubleshooting_utils package.

revision 1
    Initial revision
    date: 2012/03/15
    Start of 4.4.1 from 4.4.0-109