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ImageStream Linux Version 4.2.12-48 is now available as a general availability (GA)
release for all ImageStream routers except the Envoy.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream customers.
Version 4.2.12-48 is a maintenance release that is recommended for all customers
who wish to run the latest GA release on routers other than the Envoy.

This release note documents commands and features added between version 4.2.11-59
and version 4.2.12-48.


The following bugs have been fixed in Version 4.2.12:

Quagga BGP Assertion Failure

Version 4.2.12 fixes an assertion failure crash with bgpd when processing 32-bit ASNs
larger than 100,000.

ATM Autosensing PPP Fix

Version 4.2.12 fixes a problem with "encapsulation aal5autoppp" dropping PPP frames
without LLC/SNAP headers. Release 18 fixes an Autosense PPP problem when switching from
PPPoA without LLC/SNAP headers to PPPoE with LLC/SNAP headers on a PVC.

PCI 440 T1/E1/SSI Fixes

Version 4.2.12 fixes some firmware and driver problems related to the 440 T1/E1/SSI cards.

PCI 530 DS3/E3 Fixes

Version 4.2.12-30 fixes a transmit timed out race condition in the 530-DE driver.


New Features in Version 4.2.12

Add-on package support framework

Version 4.2.12 adds a basic framework for adding extra software packages to the router's
primary flash drive or a secondary flash or hard drive. ImageStream currently has several
add-on packages available for beta testing including Asterisk, Apache Web Server, Wireshark,
Squid Web Cache, and Snort Intrusion Detection.


Detailed revision history:

revision 48
    date: 2011/05/25
    Workaround a major bug in Quagga causing zebra to sometimes lose track of
    connected interface routes. This bug would affect many aspects of dynamic
    routing including ignoring directly BGP peers and not announcing connected
    routes via OSPF or RIP.

revision 47
    date: 2011/01/28
    Serial console: replace mgetty with agetty to allow use of cables without

revision 46
    date: 2010/08/30
    Increase image-based ramdisk size to allow updating to 4.4
    distributions via image.

revision 45
    date: 2010/07/19
    dhcprelay: Bind to the first client IP address and use this address
    as the "gateway" IP reported to the server

revision 44
    date: 2010/06/15
    Add daemon keepalives to quagga daemons.

revision 43
    date: 2010/06/07
    Backport certain kernel support functions to allow eth_header user chain
    to function under 4.2.

revision 42
    date: 2010/05/25
    Add support for the Envoy.

revision 41
    date: 2010/04/13
    Add new policy-based QoS system backported from the 4.4 series.

revision 40
    date: 2010/04/09
    Quagga BGPd: Add BGP scan timer load check to avoid a condition where the
    workqueue is never able to be depleted due to lack of CPU time. This could
    occur when a BGP session was cleared or dropped at the same time as the
    BGP scan timer expired causing bgpd to run at 100% usage indefinitely if
    the router had multiple full BGP feeds.

revision 39
    date: 2010/02/26
    Configmgr: Fix a bug which caused RADIUS information to be ignored for
    Virtual Template interfaces other than the first.
    Bridging: Use 1024 bytes instead of 1900 for the command length as bash can
    fail at around 1890+.
    530-TEJ: Fix an Rx overflow problem that could cause a port to stop receiving
    data in channelized mode when the T1/E1 loses signal and comes back.

revision 38
    date: 2010/02/03
    Fix problems with bridges not removing IP addresses properly.
    Fix shutdown problems with bridges, Ethernet, VLANs and tunnels.
      - If an interface was marked as shutdown when Inetics loaded the interface
        could not be brought up without changing a parameter on the interface.

revision 37
    date: 2010/01/25
    Fix dhcprelay crash with malformed options.

revision 36                                                 
    date: 2010/01/18
    Add RADIUS login support.                                               

revision 35                                                           
    date: 2010/01/15
    Configmgr bugfix: Allow PPPoE server mode to run on bridge interfaces (bvi).

revision 34
    date: 2009/12/15
    440: Revert back to previous firmware due to problems with T1 card
    initialization failure.

revision 33
    date: 2009/12/07
    Allow multiple ip helper commands (DHCP Relay)

revision 32
    date: 2009/11/19
    Fix a BGP MD5 problem with listener sockets not getting the MD5 password

revision 31
    date: 2009/11/06
    Add Quagga 0.99.15 with many bugfixes for BGP and OSPF.

revision 30
    date: 2009/09/18
    PPP: Don't initiate IPV6CP by default but respond if the other end request
    Also clean up include files to allow compilation under 4.2
    530-DE: Fix a race condition bug which caused the driver to detect a
    timeout when none had really occurred.
    This race was much more likely to occur when a substantial amount of traffic
    is transmitted from a userspace thread such as OpenVPN rather than forwarded
    from another card in interrupt context.

revision 29
    date: 2009/08/31
    Update Apache package from 4.4.0 to support PAM authentication.

revision 28
    date: 2009/08/23
    DHCP server: Fix a segmentation fault problem with the recent
    shared-network update.

revision 27
    date: 2009/08/17
    configmgr: DHCP Server: Added command option "shared-network " to the
    "ip dhcp pool" command. In order to run multiple pools on a single
    interface this parameter is required to properly configure the DHCP server.
    All dhcp pools which will run on the same interface must specify the same
    shared network name parameter.

    ip dhcp pool  [ shared-network  ]
    Example: ip dhcp pool 0 shared-network OnEthernet1

revision 26
    date: 2009/07/28
    POS/OC3: Fix a problem with the Rx path when more than one card is present.
    Kernel: Fix a problem with USB EHCI handoff for the upcoming Gateway
    Express SBC.

revision 25
    date: 2009/07/26
    dhcp server: Allow multiple subnets per interface via automatic shared
    network support for subnets on the same interface.

revision 24
    date: 2009/07/10
    1104-O3 Revert driver for OC3 card back to the pre-OC12 merge and create
    complately separate main driver code for the OC3 and OC12 cards. This is
    a temporary fix for transmit timeout problems with the OC3 card with the
    new main driver which has OC12 support.

revision 23
    date: 2009/07/02
    Add snmpset utility.

revision 22
    date: 2009/06/12
    Add IPTraf and IFTop traffic viewing utilities to stats.

revision 21
    date: 2009/06/10
    Fix image-based updates on routers that do not boot from /dev/hda.

revision 20
    date: 2009/05/22
    OpenSSH: Update to 5.2p1
    OpenSSL: Update to 0.9.8k

revision 19
    date: 2009/05/01
    Quagga; Fixed a bug with BGP which could cause an assertion failure crash if a 32-bit
    ASN larger than 100,000 was received.

revision 18
    date: 2009/04/29
    ATM: Fix a problem with autoppp not re-enabling LLC/SNAP headers after switching
    from PPPoA without SNAP to PPPoE with SNAP.

revision 17
    date: 2009/04/23
    Added pcnet32 net driver and BusLogic SCSI driver for VMs.

revision 16
    date: 2009/02/23
    Change Apache defaults to user/group webmaster/webmaster for Apache 2.2.8.

revision 15
    date: 2009/02/06
    440: Fix E1 unstructured mode -- wasn't working.

revision 14
    date: 2009/02/04
    530-DE: The hardware reset routine is now called from tasklet which allows
    it to be called from the poll routine's stuck transmit queue detection.

revision 13
    date: 2009/01/22
    Raise the minimum flash drive requirement to 64 MB. The base software packages will
    exceed the available space on certain 32 MB flash drives.

revision 12
    date: 2009/01/19
    530-DE: Add simple check to xmit routine to be sure we're not overwriting the
    chip's current tx descriptor. Add hardware reset routine to allow the Inetics
    watchdog timer to reset the port.
    440: Firmware fixes from Andrew.

revision 11
    date: 2009/01/17
    Add frox ftp file caching support to squid.

revision 10
    date: 2009/01/16
    USB: Backport 2.6's Workaround for flaky usb devices for compatability with particular
    USB 1.0 devices.

revision 9
    date: 2009/01/15
    Addon packages: fix a menuEngine path problem in the init scripts caused by moving the
    addons to their own menu directory.

revision 8
    date: 2009/01/09
    1004-O3: Fix a problem with the driver not being loaded correctly (bzip vs gzip) and
    re-enable the hardware watchdog for the OC3 card which had been disabled in the
    OC12 driver.

revision 7
    date: 2008/12/30
    dhcprelay: fix a memory leak when adding agent/circuit id options.
    kernel: fix for dev_get_by_name calls to replace the passed in name with the actual
    device name so programs doing an SIOCGIFADDR ioctl will get the address for
    Ethernet0 properly.

revision 6
    date: 2008/12/29
    Fix adsl stop script so it properly terminates the adsl-connect script.
    MRRU now set to 1524 instead of 1500 to properly handle multilink on a single link.

revision 5
    date: 2008/12/10
    Fix ADSL routes so they are added to the correct config files. Also set mrru
    to 1500 when using multilink with ADSL.
    MLPPP: Return 0 instead of 1 from mlppp_xmit() if we fail to transmit on a slave
    to avoid double-freeing the skb.

revision 4
    date: 2008/12/09
    RADIUS: Fix NULL pointer dereference if no gateway is sent for the Framed-Route option.

revision 3
    date: 2008/12/08
    ATM: Fix encapsulation aal5autoppp so that it will properly sense frames without SNAP
    headers. Previously we required SNAP headers to autosense. Now we also switch our
    transmit mode between SNAP and MUX PPP to match the frames being received.

revision 2
    date: 2008/12/05
    Fix menus for addon packages. Moved them to a separate add-on package
    menu as well. Some packages like wireshark and asterisk had the wrong
    .menuTitles which were copied from the Web administration package.

revision 1
    date: 2008/11/26
    Start of 4.2.12 from 4.2.12-pre-31

Revision history from 4.2.12-pre:

revision 31
    date: 2008/11/26
    Added quagga 0.99.10 with bgp md5 working.

revision 30
    date: 2008/11/24
    Added RealTek 8168 10/100/1000 Ethernet support for the Gateway.

revision 29
    date: 2008/11/12
    440: Added a global 5 second delay in sand_probe() for old firmaware after wait_cnt is
    decremented to 0.

revision 28
    date: 2008/11/10
    440: Update to June 30 drivers which fixes a stuck transmitter bug and an initialization
    problem on cards with older firmware.

revision 27
    date: 2008/10/30
    Added an updated forcedeth.o (Nvidia Nforce) ethernet module for the GE1000.

revision 25
    date: 2008/10/29
    Recompile sand release 66.

revision 24
    date: 2008/10/20
    Add support for multiple pppoe adsl sessions - one per interface now.

revision 23
    date: 2008/09/22
    Added base add-on package/config scripts for snort.

revision 22
    date: 2008/08/04
    Install latest vconfig recompiled without c++ dependancy.
    Install current libstdc++ library from gcc 3.3.4 required by Squid, Snort and
    our upcoming configmgr.

revision 21
    date: 2008/07/22
    Fix an openvpn server mode script logic bug that logged the username of authentication
    requests to a temporary file even when debugging was disabled (default).

revision 19
    date: 2008/07/03
    Added Asterisk support (version

revision 17
    date: 2008/06/19
    Added 440 driver with more statistics available from 440ctl.

revision 16
    date: 2008/06/13
    Added new 440 reset code.

revision 15
    date: 2008/06/06
    Fix Bonder reload problem. It wouldn't change the ARPHRD device type on reload
    because the interface needed to be ifconfig'd down first.

revision 14
    date: 2008/06/04
    Add split horizon bridging support. Add latest tcpdump version 3.9.5 and gulp
    for high-speed packet capture.

revision 13
    date: 2008/06/03
    Add Intel IDE chipset support and DMA support for generic IDE drivers.

revision 12
    date: 2008/05/28
    Modify linuxrc to support hdb, hdc, hdd, hde, hdf, hdg, hgh.

revision 11
    date: 2008/05/14
    Add ext3 support for addon packages.

revision 10
    date: 2008/04/22
    dhcp-relay is now tracked by the configmgr persistent run command api to restart
    the daemon if it dies.

revision 8
    date: 2008/04/16
    Fixed a NULL pointer dereference in the new dhcp server ip exclude code.

revision 7
    date: 2008/03/17
    Remove extra powercode packages.
    Opencalea: Add syslog debugging to tap and lea_collection. Add statistics file to both
    programs as well. tap is in /tmp/tap_%d.status (pid) and lea_collection is
    /tmp/collector_%d.status (pid).

revision 6
    date: 2008/03/14
    Fix ADSL ip address dhcp problem - wasn't working!

revision 5
    date: 2008/03/12
    Added DHCP server fix from 4.2.12-pre.

revision 1
    date: 2008/03/11
    First release of 4.2.12-pre from 4.2.11-53