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ImageStream Linux Version 4.2.10 is now available as a general availability (GA)
release for all ImageStream routers except the Envoy.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream customers.
Version 4.2.10 is a maintenance release that is recommended for all customers
who wish to run the latest GA release on routers other than the Envoy.

This release note documents commands and features added between version 4.2.9
and version 4.2.10.


The following bugs have been fixed in Version 4.2.10:

IMA ICP Stuff Event Bug Fixed

Version 4.2.10 fixes a bug in SoftCell IMA which caused the required IMA ICP cell stuff
events to be transmitted one IMA frame too soon. Some ATM switches will declare loss of
IMA framing when this occurs and bounce the group group every 30-40 seconds.

SoftCell IMA Stuck Transmit Bug with the PCI 530-TEJ Fixed

A problem with the PCI 530-TEJ was discovered with ATM switches that sent yellow
alarm when loss of cell delineation was declared. The PCI 530-TEJ would not transmit
when yellow alarm was received and by not transmitting any cells the remote ATM switch
would continue to send yellow alarm.

SoftCell IMA Group Transition Compatability Problem Fixed

An interoperability problem was discovered with the IMA group state machine that prevented
an IMA group from coming up.

Multilink PPP Sequence Detection and Fragment Reassembly Bugs Fixed

Several bugs were discovered with MLPPP sequence detection and fragmentation which caused
received packets to be dropped occasionally. The problem could be seen on satellite links
with extreme differential delay, 


New Features in Version 4.2.10

CALEA Intercept Utilities Added

The 4.2.10-11 release includes utilities to perform CALEA intercepts.

DHCP Server Configuration File and Leases File Cannot be Saved to Flash

Version 4.2.10 now allows a user-configurable DHCP server configuration file 
(/etc/dhcpd.conf) and leases file (/var/state/dhcp/dhcp.leases) to be saved to flash.

Interface MAC Addresses Can be Changed

Version 4.2.10 now allows setting the MAC address on interfaces using the
"mac-address " command.
Example: mac-address 00:00:1F:0A:FB:01"

Interface Transmit Queue Lengths Are Configurable

Version 4.2.10 now allows setting the transmit queue length on interfaces using the
"hold-queue " command.