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Date: Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:54:21 -0500 (EST)
From: ImageStream Support 
Subject: Enterprise Linux 4.1.9 for routers available

Version 4.1.9 of ImageStream's Enterprise Linux is now available as an general
availability (GA) release for all ImageStream router customers.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream customers.
Version 4.1.9 is highly recommended for all customers.  Version 4.1.9 provides
significant new functionality, as well as stability and performance enhancements

This release note documents commands and features added between Version 4.1.8  
and Version 4.1.9.


New Features in Version 4.1.9

Support for PCI 201-ADSL Added

Version 4.1.9 contains support for ImageStream's new PCI 201 ADSL CPE interface.
The release supports PPPoE, PPPoA and IPoA with authentication support for
G.Lite, G.DMT, Annex A, Annex B and U-R2 signaled ADSL circuits.  Support for
PPPoE and PPPoA for DSL aggregation with ImageStream's SoftATM or 1000 series
interfaces will be added in Version 4.1.10.

Support for Intel 8255x Embedded Chipsets Improved

Version 4.1.9 includes an updated, high-performance driver for all Intel 8255x
Embedded chipsets used in R1, Rebel, Gateway and Gateway 64 models.  This
updated driver uses fewer system resources and improves stability under heavy
loads compared to previous versions.

Support for TransPort Router, Ruggedized R1 Added
Version 4.1.9 includes full support for ImageStream's new TransPort router.
This embedded router in the Industrial Series line is now in full release.
Version 4.1.9 adds support for the embedded processor used in the TransPort and
new ruggedized R1.

Support for PCI 431-TE Added

The version of SAND included with Version 4.1.9 contains full support for the 
low-cost PCI 431-TE board used with the TransPort and R1 routers.

SoftATM Support For 530 Series T1/E1 Cards Added

The 530 series T1/E1 cards now support SoftATM.  The version of SAND included 
with Version 4.1.9 adds support for ATM and ATM IMA for T1 ports on all 530
series T1/E1 cards.

SoftATM Stability And PVC Load Sharing Improved

Version 4.1.9 improves stability and timer handling for cards that support
SoftATM, including 530 series T1/E1 cards and 600 series T1 cards.  The version
of SAND included in Version 4.1.9 contains numerous code efficiency improvements
for SoftATM. New transmit routines used with PVCs ensure more effective sharing
of bandwidth between PVCs on heavily loaded links.

New Commands For Simple DSL Aggregation Support Added

Version 4.1.9 contains "ip unnumbered" and "atm route-bridged ip" commands to
support DSL aggregation customers whose customers are bridged.  The use of these
commands eliminates the need to create a separate bridge device for each
customer or to bridge all customers together on a single bridge.  The new
commands automatically create a bridge for each customer automatically.  See the
ATM DSL aggregation Technical Note on the ImageStream Support Web site for more
information on configuring routers using these new commands.

Default Firewall Rules Added

Version 4.1.9 includes a new default firewall configuration file with suggested
rules for ICMP scan and worm protection.

NetFlow Probe Defaults Changed

The NetFlow probe included with Version 4.1.9 no longer logs messages to the
syslog facility by default.  This feature should only be enabled during
debugging due to the high CPU load that results.  The default configuration uses
larger hash tables to support higher bandwidth links.

Bugs fixed in Version 4.1.9

The following bugs have been fixed in Version 4.1.8:

Dial Backup Fails After 10 Attempts Fixed

Version 4.1.9 fixes an issue in ImageStream's dial backup support that caused
dial backup calls to fail after 10 unsuccessful dial attempts.  Version 4.1.9
has removed the limit on the maximum number of failed dial attempts.

530 Series DS3/E3 Cards Cause Extra Ethernet Interface To Appear

Previous versions of Enterprise Linux would display an extra Ethernet interface
for any 530 series DS3/E3 cards installed in the router.  Version 4.1.9 corrects
this detection problem.  The issue did not affect operation of the 530 series
DS3/E3 cards.

Numerous SoftATM Instabilities, Panics Fixed

The SoftATM support in Version 4.1.9 corrects numerous instabilities and kernel
panics present in 4.1.8 and 4.1.9-beta releases.  All known issues with reloads,
adding/changing PVCs and transmit timeouts under load have been corrected.

Hardware Status Monitor Display Error Corrected

The hardware status software, sensors, in Version 4.1.9 has been updated to
remove erroneous ALARM conditions.  Descriptions of various sensors have been

NetFlow Probe Spawns Multiple Probes On Restart Problem Fixed

Previous versions of Enterprise Linux failed to stop all NetFlow probes when
issuing a restart.  Version 4.1.9 corrects this behavior.