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Date: Thu, 25 Jul 2002 14:50:13 -0500 (EST)
From: ImageStream Support 
Subject: (SUPPORT) SAND Version 3.5.7 available

Version 3.5.7 of ImageStream's Standard Architecture for Network Drivers (SAND)
is now available as a general release for all ImageStream customers.

ImageStream router customers will receive Version 3.5.7 of SAND as a part of the
Enterprise Linux 4.0.1 release.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream customers, and
is recommended for all customers who wish to upgrade to the latest available
software release.  This release supports kernel versions through 2.4.18 and
later kernels.

This release note documents commands and features added between Version 3.4.2
and Version 3.5.7.


New Features in Version 3.5.7

Support For iproute2 Commands In Interface Configuration File

Version 3.5.7 of SAND now supports the use of iproute2 commands in the
interface configuration file, wan.conf.  All iproute2 commands for unicast
are supported and will be managed by SAND as link status changes occur. 
Backwards compatibility with standard ip route commands used in previous
releases is maintained.  A complete tutorial on iproute2 commands is
available from ImageStream's technical support Web site. 

Support For New ATM OC-12 Card

SAND Version 3.5.7 now supports ImageStream's ATM OC-12 card.  This card
is available for ImageStream routers equipped with a 64-bit/66-MHz capable
backplane and to OEM customers. 

Support For CSU Loop Up Remote/Loop Down Remote Commands Added

Version 3.5.7 of SAND adds support for CSU loop up remote and loop down
remote commands.  520 series WAN cards equipped with integrated CSU/DSUs
can now be looped up by other CSU/DSUs or by a line provider.  The loop
status is reported in the statistics utility ("stats") on the CSU detail

Performance, Stability Of 600/800 Series Cards Dramatically Improved

Version 3.5.7 adds a new polling mode driver for the 600/800 series cards. 
This driver replaces the previous interrupt mode.  Under heavy loads, the
600/800 series cards are not susceptible to interrupt-related lock ups. 
Due to advanced buffer and signaling capabilities of the 600/800 series
cards in polling mode, Version 3.5.7 increases overall performance on
ImageStream routers and properly configured Linux systems and decreases
the CPU footprint, especially under heavy traffic loads. 

Baud Rate Configuration For 600/800 Series Serial Cards Improved

SAND Version 3.5.7 allows users to specify an internal baud rate in bits
per second for the 600/800 series serial cards.  This SAND releases
maintains backwards compatibility with the lookup table codes (1-14)
supported in previous releases. 

Support For Bridging Over ATM Added

SAND Version 3.5.7 supports bridged Ethernet (802.3) frames.  The standard
bridging commands used by SAND will now function with ATM encapsulated
interfaces.  ATM bridging is available only for Enterprise Linux 4.0.1 or
Linux 2.4 kernels. 

Default MTU Behavior Changed

SAND Version 3.5.7 follows generally accepted conventions for default MTU
settings.  HSSI and OC-3 interfaces now default to an MTU of 4470.  This
value is still configurable by the user.  Hardware and protocol
sub-interfaces will inherit the MTU setting of their master interface. 
Bonder devices use the smallest MTU setting of all bonded interfaces. 

New Distributions Supported

Two new pre-compiled distributions have been added to the Web site
download area to support Linux 2.4.18. 


Bugs fixed in Version 3.5.7

The following bugs have been fixed in SAND Version 3.5.7: 

Erroneous Frame Relay IARP Errors Removed

Version 3.5.7 correctly processes unrecognized frame relay packets instead
of logging them as errored IARP packets, as in previous releases. 

Error Setting ATM VPI/VCI and TOS Fixed

Version 3.4.2 of SAND failed to properly set the ATM VPI/VCI and TOS
identifier for 2.4 series Linux kernels.  Version 3.5.7 corrects this
behavior under Linux 2.4.  Linux 2.2 kernels were not affected by this

ATM WAN Card MAC Addresses Reported

Previous SAND releases failed to report the MAC address to the Linux
kernel properly.  Version 3.5.7 properly reads and reports the MAC
address.  This enables ATM interfaces to be used as bridging devices. 

Several Heavy Traffic Load Race Conditions Fixed

Version 3.5.7 fixes a race condition in the 720 series hardware code that
could cause the card's transmitter to lock up under heavy traffic loads. 
SAND 3.5.7 also corrects two race conditions in Bonder that could lead to
a lock up when interfaces are add ed or removed from a bonded interface. 
This release also corrects a vulnerability that could potentially lead to
a lock up on card shutdown if multiple 600/800 series cards share an
interrupt and meet certain configuration and traffic conditions. 

Single Word Configuration Commands Fixed

Under certain conditions, previous versions of SAND could fail to properly
execute single word commands in wan.conf such as "x21-clockmode" or ATM
bit rate classifiers.  Version 3.5.7 correctly supports these single word
commands in the wan.conf file. 

Driver Unload Problem Corrected

Previous SAND releases exhibited problems unloading the driver modules
using ifconfig if protocol was down on multiple links.  The controlling
daemon, configmgr, now uses a direct method of closing a device and
bypasses ifconfig. 

Driver Unload Memory Leak Corrected

The controlling daemon for SAND, configmgr, exhibited a small memory leak
under previous SAND releases.  This memory leak was extremely minor and
was undetectible until the WAN drivers were loaded and unloaded several
thousand times. 

Workaround For net-snmp Added

Previous versions of SAND did not initialize Linux's device statistics
files with values of "0" when an interface was shut down.  New versions of
net-snmp/ucd-snmp included in Enterprise Linux for ImageStream routers
generated an error when encountering t he default "No statistics
available" message for interfaces that have been shut down.  This issue
only affected ImageStream router customers running an SNMP management
program such as MRTG who attempted to graph shut down interfaces. 


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Contacting ImageStream Technical Support

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