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Date: Thu, 3 Jan 2002 10:40:41 -0500 (EST)
From: ImageStream Support 
To: isis-support@imagestream.com
Subject: (SUPPORT) SAND Version 3.31 available

Version 3.31 of ImageStream's Standard Architecture for Network Drivers
(SAND) is now available as a general release for all ImageStream

ImageStream router customers will receive Version 3.31 of SAND as a part
of the Enterprise Linux 3.0 release.

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream
customers, and is recommended for all customers who wish to upgrade to the
latest available software release.  This release supports kernel versions
through 2.2.19 and beta support for 2.4.8 and later kernels.

This release note documents commands and features added between Version
3.30 and Version 3.31.


New Features in Version 3.31

Open Beta Support For Linux 2.4.8 Series Kernels

The SAND architecture now supports the Linux 2.4.x series kernels. 
Support for Linux 2.4.x series kernels is now available for OPEN BETA
ONLY.  This open beta release has been tested with Linux 2.4.8 kernels. 
This open beta release is recommended for any customer using Linux 2.4.x
series kernels, and especially for customers who wish to test the new
functionality before the general availability release of 2.4.x series
support.  Numerous changes to the Linux 2.4 beta release have been made
since Version 3.30:

-bonder initialization problem fixed
-bonder statistics problem fixed
-N2, WANic 400, WANic 500, WANic 520 and WANic 1000 cards now supported
-issuing "reload" command to drivers now supported

WANic 1000 Performance Improved

SAND Version 3.31 lowers the maximum latency on received packets to 100
microseconds from 1000 microseconds (1 ms).

"irq-affinity" Command Added
Version 3.31 of SAND supports the use of the "irq-affinity" command.  This
command allows users to assign an interface to a particular CPU.
This helps keep packets in order on an SMP system.  See the current
Command Reference for details on command usage.


Bugs fixed in Version 3.31

The following bugs have been fixed in SAND Version 3.31: 

Recieve Latency Under Linux 2.2 kernels Fixed

Version 3.30 introduced 10 ms of latency on all received packets.
Linux 2.4.x users were unaffected by this bug.  Version 3.31 fixes the
receive task that introduced the additional latency under Linux 2.2.

GRE Tunnels Report Correct Transmit Figures

Version 3.31 fixes a minor problem with transmit packets and transmit
bytes not incrementing properly under certain conditions.

GRE Tunnel Retransmit Race Condition Fixed

Version 3.31 fixes a race condition in the GRE tunnel code that could
cause buffer retransmits under heavy traffic loads.

D4/AMI Initialization Problems Fixed For WANic 600 Series Cards

The WANic 600 now properly initializes 56K timeslots when D4/AMI lines
are configured instead of using 64K only.

56K Initialization Problems Fixed

In previous SAND releases, specifying "timeslots all speed 56" for
failed to set the channel speed properly.  Version 3.31 supports the
use of "timeslots 1-24" or "timeslots all" when specifying 56K channels.


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