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Date: Thu, 12 Jul 2001 14:55:40 -0500 (EST)
From: ImageStream Support 
To: isis-support@imagestream.com
Subject: (ANNC) SAND Version 3.25 available

Version 3.25 of ImageStream's Standard Architecture for Network Drivers
(SAND) is now available as a general release for all ImageStream

This software release is provided at no charge to all ImageStream
customers, and is recommended for all customers who wish to upgrade to the
latest available software release.  This release supports kernel versions
through 2.2.19.

This release note documents commands and features added between Version
3.20 and Version 3.25


New Features in Version 3.25

Frame Relay Sub-Interfaces Now Use Hash Tables

The SAND frame relay protocol module now uses has tables to maintain lists
of frame relay sub-interfaces.  In prior versions, a linked list was used.
The hash table lookups will reduce the CPU overhead and processing time
required to handle data for a sub-interface, especially on systems with
large numbers of frame relay sub-interfaces.

Improved Data Handling On All Cards

The SAND architecture now pre-allocates buffers for data sent and received
on WAN interfaces.  Previously, an extra layer of memory copies was
required to process data.  This additional copy caused inefficient use of
the router's Level 2 cache and introduced additional processing time in
each transmit or receive operation.  The buffer allocation method used in
Version 3.25 should increase available CPU and decrease latency,
especially on high-traffic systems.

Improved Interrupt Handling On WANic/Aries 600 And 800 Series Cards

The WANic and Aries 600 (604, 608, 654, 658) and 800 (800, 805, 850, 855)
series cards support an improved level of interrupt handling.
ImageStream's SAND drivers now signal the 600 and 800 series cards to
generate fewer interrupts per packet in high-traffic systems.  The drivers
automatically scale from 1 packet per interrupt to 16 packets per
interrupt.  This change dramatically reduces the number of interrupts per
second on a heavily-loaded system, and will result in lower CPU
utilization and better router response in these environments.


Bugs fixed in Version 2.3

The following bugs have been fixed in SAND Version 3.25: 

E3 Aliases Have Been Added

All "service-module e3" commands should now be recognized in the main
configuration file (wan.conf).  Previously, not all E3 commands were
correctly processed.

Byte Count On HDLC Keepalives Corrected

In prior versions, the SAND HDLC protocol module incorrectly calculated
the size of HDLC keepalive packets.  This internal calculation error did
not affect the operation of HDLC links, but created output in hardware
debug messages that could appear erroneous.


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